The only voice that matters when designing

February 4, 2019

Every company has a role responsible for representing this voice - most call it customer support.

When customers are in dire need of help, customer support reps used to be their only saviours. Fortunately, we are learning that these support tickets and this relationship with the customer is one of the cornerstones of business  success.

As designers, we now turn to customers to tell us about their lives and the things they do, so we can make them a little better.

As products and services get more personalized, that voice will grow stronger.

My suggestion for business owners?

Customers will have new and challenging problems. Be in touch with them and ask questions. Questions will inspire new ideas.

For designers working in bigger companies?

Demand more access to the end customer. See their workplace, get to know their likes and dislikes. It makes the work more real. Your company is paying you to make your customer’s experience better.

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